Our work

We fund researchcampaigning and policy work to improve living standards and personal finances for people on low to middle incomes in the UK.

You can learn more about what we do and the type of work we fund by reading our publications, finding out about what events we have coming up and looking at what we are funding at the moment.

Financial Fairness Tracker

We publish a regular financial impact tracker to monitor the economic effects of the cost-of-living crisis on people’s finances.


Our funding programmes

Our funding programmes are focussed on three significant areas that influence financial well-being:

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An adequate income is key to improving financial well-being. We’re interested in helping people on low to middle incomes and how certain factors can make a big difference.


Spending is part of daily life and having control of it is a key part of managing money. We’re interested in how to curb impulsive and compulsive spending. We are also interested in how those on low-to-medium incomes can access credit and the difficulties that arise if there are problems keeping up with payments.


When you have nothing to fall back on, you are unable to deal with economic shocks. Four-in-ten of us have savings of less than £500 and a majority of people do not save regularly. Although wealth overall in the UK has grown, it remains unfairly distributed

Climate Change and Household Finances in the UK

Climate change threatens many aspects of our living standards in the UK, such as the resilience of homes to cope with extreme weather to food security. In the UK, these risks will particularly affect people here with the least or insecure financial resources. We are interested in work which will protect and improve the household finances of people on low-to-middle incomes in the UK during the transition to Net Zero and adjustment to climate change.