Carers UK

Improving incomes for carers






August 2023 – January 2025




Project summary

To undertake research, policy development, parliamentary engagement (England, Scotland and Wales) and campaigning with the aim of achieving policy change and reducing carer poverty.


Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s UK 2023 Poverty Report found carer poverty had risen from 24% to 29% (2019/20 to 2020/21). Carer’s Allowance recipients had seen one of the largest poverty rises since 2005.

Carers UK has identified gaps in research into the financial well-being and income needs of low-to-middle income carers. Income measures do not always account for additional costs or barriers. Other changes, such as Universal Credit, COVID-19, the cost of living and shortage of social care, mean research needs updating.

Project overview

The project will use modelling and qualitative research to understand the scale of carer poverty in England, Scotland and Wales, and understand risk factors that impact carer poverty, basing work on a similar project already underway in Northern Ireland. Findings will be developed into costed and tested policy recommendations for UK policy via Westminster and the nation Governments, supported by advocacy for reform to reduce carer poverty.