Universal Credit

How to improve the system for people migrating from legacy benefits

Child Poverty Action Group

May 2023

This project reviews the difficulties claimants face when they go through the process of managed migration from legacy benefits to Universal Credit, and how they adjust after the move.

Report title: The evidence beneath the trends

A detailed look at the issues facing claimants going through managed migration. This report covers the following issues:

  • Moving older claimants unnecessarily
  • Unclear entitlement to transitional protection
  • Process delays resulting in incorrect benefit payments and conditionality
  • Falling into rent arrears due to managed migration
  • Appropriate and inappropriate use of appointees
  • Missing child elements

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February 2024

This new briefing from Child Poverty Action Group on managed migration calls for the Government to extend its new timescales for moving people from older benefits to universal credit to prevent vulnerable claimants from falling through the cracks. 

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