How we shortlist applications

Please read the Funding Guidelines for information on the areas and projects we fund.

We expect to receive many more proposals than we’re able to fund. At present around one-in-seven applications are successful. As such, we highly encourage reading our funding guidelines carefully and ensuring your organisations meets our criteria and your project aligns with our priorities. This blog may be helpful in understanding what is required of applicants throughout the process. We will assess applications against the following criteria:
  • Programme
    The proposed work has a good fit with our funding programmes and the organisation applying has a good in-depth understanding of the issue including knowledge of others working in the field. We will assess what we and others are already funding in this area. We will give additional weight to proposals addressing an issue or niche area where there has been limited work to date, and would benefit from additional activity.
  • Strategic
    The proposed work has the potential to create a step change in policy, practice, attitudes and/or behaviour. The application addresses both key opportunities and strategic relationships which will contribute to the impact of the work at national or UK level.
  • Delivery
    The organisation applying has the skills, experience, relationships and capacity to undertake the proposed work. The proposed work is of a high quality and the activities/methods outlined are suitable with clear plans for dissemination, influencing and evaluation.
  • Financial
    The financial costs are appropriate and the work is good value in relation to the proposed outputs and outcomes.
  • Beneficiary engagement
    Proactive engagement and involvement of people who will benefit in the organisation and its work, including in developing solutions and securing change. For example, if the work is aiming to benefit young adults on low-to-middle incomes, that young adults are engaged and involved in the work. Applications for work where we have already provided significant funds will be a lower priority. We are also mindful of the work of other funders and will give a lower priority to areas where there is already substantial funding in comparison to other issues. We receive a large number of applications. Many organisations meet our priorities and we are not able to fund all of them. Unfortunately, we have to make difficult choices and therefore have to reject a number of good applications. Just because you’re not shortlisted does not necessarily mean that we do not think you are doing good and valuable work

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