Financial security in Scotland: Securing a living income

IPPR Scotland

This programme will produce three reports outlining how changes can be make to improve Scotland's social security provision.


Universal Basic Income - March 2022

This report calls for introduction of new childcare grant to support parents struggling to meet upfront costs – as next step towards a ‘Universal Basic Services’ model for Scotland.

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Delivering a fair work recovery in Scotland - August 2021

This report argues the Scottish government must take transformative action to deliver a fair work recovery that provides a living income for workers across Scotland. It defines a 'living income' as a policy aspiration where people have enough income to lead a good life.

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Towards A Minimum Income Guarantee - March 2021

In this report IPPR Scotland set a new direction for social security provision in Scotland that focuses on securing a 'living income' for all, delivered through a minimum income guarantee, alongside action to deliver good work for more people and to reduce costs through stronger collective services.

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