Financial security in Scotland: Securing a living income

Securing a living income

IPPR Scotland

October 2020-August 2022

This project aimed to help shape a social security system in Scotland which acts as a springboard (not just a safety net) for those on low-to-middle incomes. Research was undertaken to build an understanding of poverty and financial insecurity in Scotland, including who is experiencing it, at which life events, and why. Researchers then considered what action could be taken through new powers, looking for solutions that go beyond solely benefits and cash payments, and beyond what the state can do alone.


Towards a living income - August 2022

The briefing found 4 in 5 Scots would support a minimum income guarantee. In addition, the research found more than half of Scots (55 per cent) want to see the benefits and social security system made more generous - even if this leads to a slight personal increase in taxes for themselves.

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Minimum Income Standard and Scotland - May 2022

This note clarifies several issues related to the discussion of a minimum income guarantee (MIG) in Scotland, and its use of the Minimum Income Standard (MIS) as a benchmark.

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Universal Basic Income - March 2022

This report called for introduction of new childcare grants to support parents struggling to meet upfront costs – as a next step towards a ‘Universal Basic Services’ model for Scotland.

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Delivering a fair work recovery in Scotland - August 2021

This report argued the Scottish government must take transformative action to deliver a fair work recovery that provides a living income for workers across Scotland. It defines a 'living income' as a policy aspiration where people have enough income to lead a good life.

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Towards A Minimum Income Guarantee - March 2021

In this report IPPR Scotland set a new direction for social security provision in Scotland that focuses on securing a 'living income' for all, delivered through a minimum income guarantee, alongside action to deliver good work for more people and to reduce costs through stronger collective services.

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Weathering the winter storm - October 2020

This report by IPPR Scotland is part of a programme on social security in Scotland. It found urgent action was needed to help families repair their finances to stay afloat over the coming months as Scotland faced a Covid-19 winter.

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