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Standard Life Foundation changes name to ‘abrdn Financial Fairness Trust’

06 Dec 2021

Standard Life Foundation has changed its name to abrdn Financial Fairness Trust, reflecting its mission to tackle financial problems and improve living standards for people on low-to-middle incomes in the UK.

Earlier this year Standard Life Aberdeen plc rebranded to become abrdn plc following the sale of the Standard Life brand. The Foundation’s trustees took this opportunity to choose a name which better reflected what the organisation was aiming to achieve. After consultation with a range of stakeholders, abrdn Financial Fairness Trust was selected.

The new name captures the organisation’s ambitions and aspirations, outlining its mission to improve financial fairness in the UK. The Trust will continue to fund research, campaigning and policy work, collaborating with partners to make the UK financially fairer for people on low-to-middle incomes. This includes a wide range of work on issues such as pay, borrowing, pensions, social security, taxation, savings and spending.

Decisions about the organisation’s strategy and what it funds are made by an independent board of trustees, chaired by the former Chancellor Alistair Darling.

Mubin Haq, CEO of abrdn Financial Fairness Trust, said:

“Our new name makes clear what we are aiming to achieve. Although there has been some progress in creating a more financially fair UK, too many are struggling to make ends meet and are unable to cope with financial shocks as has been demonstrated during the pandemic. We want people to feel more in control over their finances and confident about their future. We will continue to invest in work that contributes to a more financially fair society.

“We are grateful to many of our key stakeholders who helped us to develop our new name and to abrdn, who continue to support us in our work.”