January 2024 | New Year Edition | abrdn Financial Fairness Trust Newsletter

04 January 2024

New grants

We have our latest funding round closing on 5th February (1pm). Do have a look at the work we can support.

We are also pleased to announce the following new grants, we are looking forward to working with our new partners into 2024 and beyond. The grants are summarised below, but if you’d like to know more details about any of them take a look on our website.

Centre for Progressive Change - £82,820

A national campaign to improve Statutory Sick Pay.

Centre for Responsible Credit - £48,540

Researching the impact of credit reference agency messaging, which emphasises the importance of maintaining ‘good’ credit scores, on the financial behaviours of low-to-middle income households during the cost-of-living crisis.

Demos - £136,500

Research and policy work to shape the debate about inheritance and develop options for taxing inherited wealth in the UK.

Fabian Society  £90,780

Research to develop a living standards action plan for implementation by government after the next election. 

High Pay Centre - £79,570 

Development of a ‘manifesto for fair pay’ comprising policies that would have a ‘pre-distributive’ effect and subsequent engagement with policymakers and policy influencers before and after the general election.

Institute for Fiscal Studies - £113,000 

Analysis, policy work and engagement with political parties around a range of issues during the forthcoming general election.             

Poverty Alliance - £47,550 

Engagement with members and wider civil society to build awareness and support for the implementation of a Minimum Income Guarantee in Scotland, focusing on the immediate next steps for delivery over the next three years.

University of Strathclyde - £167,030 

Research to better understand what adults with disabilities consider to be a fair application process as regards social security benefits, helping to improve the effectiveness and fairness of the disability benefits systems.     

Trades Union Congress - £21,800 

A conference and research focused on improving job quality and security, ensuring it is central to the manifesto commitments of the main parties.

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