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20 April 2023

The Pensions Review

The current generation of pensioners is doing better than any before it. But this success may be blinding us to the risk that future generations will not fare as well.  Today, in partnership with The Institute for Fiscal Studies, we are launching the Pensions Review. This multi-year partnership will assess future risks and determine what needs to be done to secure decent retirement outcomes for current working-age generations.

Alistair Darling (Chair of the Trust and former Chancellor of the Exchequer) will chair the Review’s steering group, alongside David Gauke (former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions) and Joanne Segars (former Chief Executive of the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association). The Review will be led by three Directors at IFS – Jonathan Cribb, Carl Emmerson and Paul Johnson.

The Review will centre on three key questions which we will explore in depth:

  • Are people saving appropriately for retirement, in terms of both the amount and the form of saving, and if not, how can government policies help?
  • How should the state support people from late working life into and through retirement?
  • Do people require more assistance to use their wealth appropriately through retirement?

Read the press release

Read the launch report

Generational divides risk continuing into retirement

Our CEO, Mubin Haq, has written a blog on the how that proverbial avocado on toast isn’t going to continue into old age for many.

Read it here


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