June 2023 | Fair Point | abrdn Financial Fairness Trust Newsletter

29 June 2023

Ticking health timebomb caused by cost-of-living crisis
The latest edition of the Financial Fairness Tracker by a team at the University of Bristol’s Personal Finance Resource Centre found some people are making dramatic cutbacks on essential healthcare which could affect their long-term wellbeing.
One-in-five (19%) households are putting off dental treatments due to worries about costs. A third (35%) were not able to afford a healthy balanced diet at least once in the past month. 33% report that financial worries cause them to sleep poorly at night and 35% say that their financial situation is making their mental health worse. 27% say their financial situation is making their physical health worse.
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Project in focus
Inheritance Tax – what do people really think?

A new Demos report finds cutting inheritance tax is "not an electoral slam dunk". Research found that while initially most people (55%) say that inheritances should be completely tax-free, when asked what amount of inheritance should be tax-free, only one fifth (21%) said that all inheritance should be tax-free.
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Statistic of the month -Almost 2m households skipping meals due to cost of living
One of the most shocking findings in our recent Tracker was that almost 2m households have not eaten for a whole day at least three times during the last month.
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Have you been threatened with eviction?
If you, or someone you know, has been threatened with eviction, a team at the University of Southampton wants to hear about your experiences. The team are undertaking a project (funded by the Trust) which aims to improve the lives of people in housing debt and at threat of eviction.
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