Coronavirus pandemic - fast track applications

27 March 2020


Press notice

Standard Life Foundation has today launched funding for work directly related to the coronavirus pandemic. Grants will be made to organisations which tackle financial problems and improve living standards for those on low-to-middle incomes in the UK. The projects should address specific challenges and help to contribute to social change.

Funding, taken from the total of the Foundation’s grants budget for the year (£2.5m), will support policy, research and campaigns working on issues relating to the financial consequences of the pandemic. This could be a review or economic modelling of the effectiveness of certain policies at helping people on low-to-middle incomes, or it could be a campaign to change policies so that they better help those who have been hardest hit by coronavirus pandemic.

  • Applications are open now and will be assessed as they are received, there is currently no closing date.
  • Applications are open to all organisations undertaking charitable work (including those not registered as charities).
  • It is expected that work will begin immediately where a grant is awarded.
  • It is likely that grants will be made in the range of £5,000 to £50,000, however, there is no set amount that people can apply for.

The amount available may be increased later in the year, subject to demand and existing grant commitments.

More detail about how to apply is available on our website..