Coronavirus fast-track funding awards

15 May 2020

Last week we closed our fast-track funding programme for Covid-19-related work having received around 500 applications. We are still reviewing and considering a number of those applications, however, we have also awarded our first five grants. Unsurprisingly the turnaround time on the projects is short; organisations seeking to gain a rapid insight into how Covid-19 is affecting people’s finances so they can make appropriate policy recommendations.

Organisations awarded grants so far include:

Institute for Employment Studies who will undertake a project on the employment and financial impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on low-income working households.May – August | £52,300

Institute for Fiscal Studies for real-time monitoring of personal finances through the coronavirus pandemic.
May – August | £90,000

Resolution Foundation to conduct an evidence-based assessment of how Universal Credit is coping with the coronavirus crisis, and how its recipients are coping financially.
May – June | £21,000

RSA to profile and understand the economic security gap as it relates to key-workers and the coronavirus pandemic.
May – Oct | £49,000

Surviving Economic Abuse to conduct analysis of economic safety needs of victim-survivors of economic abuse in the context of coronavirus.
May – Oct | £37,000

We will be announcing more Covid-19 grant awards over the next few weeks. In the meantime, remember that applications are still open for funding from our main grants programme, but you need to be quick, applications close on 3rd June (grants will be awarded in November).

We are publishing our next coronavirus financial impact tracker in early June. The report from our April tracker is available to download for free from our website.