Facing barriers

Relationship between disability and financial wellbeing

University of Bristol and abrdn Financial Fairness Trust

September 2022

This edition of the Financial Impact Tracker explored the financial wellbeing of UK households where someone is disabled. 

It found that:

  • Households with a disabled person fare worse on a range of financial wellbeing indicators.
  • At all ages, disabled households are more likely to be in serious financial difficulty.
  • The rising cost of living is disproportionately impacting disabled households.
  • Debt advisers may be running out of ways to help disabled (and other) households. Only 21% of advice-seeking disabled households in financial difficulty received all the help or information they needed about their finances, compared with 29% of non-disabled households in difficulty. Where low incomes meet high essential spending, there may be limits to what advisers can do to help.

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The Financial Impact Tracker is a regular cross-sectional review of household finances across the UK, surveyed by YouGov and analysed by the University of Bristol’s Personal Finance Research Centre, in partnership with abrdn Financial Fairness Trust. All the Financial Impact Tracker reports are available here.