University of Strathclyde, Fraser of Allander

Child poverty – the Scottish government’s delivery plan.






July 2021 to December 2021

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Project summary

Modelling work to develop an evidence base to inform the next Scottish Government’s child poverty delivery plan.


The Child Poverty (Scotland) Act 2017 mandates that the Scottish Government must significantly reduce levels of child poverty in Scotland. The Act sets targets that must be reached within defined timescales. The Scottish Government’s next child poverty delivery plan is due in March 2022.

To meet the targets, there will need to be widespread understanding about what scale and type of policies are required, and support for the measures across all government portfolios. It is likely that policies that speak to wider policy priorities will have a greater chance of gaining support and ultimately being implemented. The project will facilitate this by going beyond looking solely at the impact on poverty, and will broaden understanding of how tackling child poverty can impact on the Inclusive Growth agenda.

Project overview

This project will inform the development of the next Scottish Government child poverty delivery plan before it is delivered in March 2022.

The work combines microsimulation and macrosimulation modelling. It will look at combinations of policies that will meet the targets and the consequences of these policies on the wider economy. The modelling will be used to produce three policy ‘packages’ for reducing child poverty, each with a different motivation. A policy package will consist of changes to policy levers including social security, work and housing.

The work will also incorporates the views of people with lived experience of poverty directly into the work so they can inform the assumptions on which the modelling is based, and the researchers can reflect their priorities. This will ensure the views of those with lived experience are integrated into the modelling of poverty-related policy.


Child poverty - the Scottish Government's delivery plan - January 2022