Scottish Poverty and Inequality Research Unit (SPIRU), Glasgow Caledonian University

An online guide to tackling poverty locally in Scotland






September 2022 - August 2023




Project summary

Develop a Lessons in Tackling Poverty Locally online directory of valuable practiceDevelop a Lessons in Tackling Poverty Locally online directory of valuable practice.


Much effort and resource are invested by local government, community groups, commercial enterprise, charities, charitable foundations, and social enterprises to implement policies, practices, and services to tackle the impact of poverty. Although some innovations can draw on central organisations providing expert advice, support, and resources (e.g., CPAG Scotland and its championing of the Cost of the School Day work) these are exceptions. More often, innovation is generated by committed local practitioners, but unless these examples are captured and shared there is duplication of effort, loss of learning opportunities, and insufficient resource to evaluate impact.

Project overview

The project will develop an online directory of valuable practice.

It is hoped this will meet the needs of practitioners from public, private and third sector organisations who are already delivering local anti-poverty actions, and the needs of potential innovators/adopters. It will assist practitioners to optimise design and maximise return on investment. Complementing the primary resource will be an online forum that facilitates discussion among users. Funding is towards the piloting of the directory.