Betting in the UK: How to tackle problem gambling

The geography of gambling in Britain

University of Bristol, Personal Finance Research Centre 

August 2021 - April 2023

This project looked at the issue of problem gambling in each of the following areas:


For every person with a gambling problem, between six and ten other people are estimated to be affected, including friends and family. The report finds a lack of support available for family members and friends of people with gambling problems. A key concern highlighted by the research was that whilst support services do exist in Britain, provision is patchy, only serving certain geographical areas or groups, meaning that access is limited despite high needs.

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Industry - April 2022

Researchers tested whether existing 'responsible gambling' messages work (e.g. slogans, adverts) and designed and tested possible alternatives. They found existing 'safer gambling' messages raise awareness but do not change the behaviour of people who gamble. The research was supported by the Behavioural Insights Team.

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Where are ATMs? - January 2022

How close are ATMs to gambling premises? Exploring access to cash within gambling premises in Britain finds 8 in 10 gambling premises are within easy access of cash machines.

Where are gambling premises? - August 2021

The geography of gambling premises in Britain maps gambling premises in Britain and includes new evidence around ease of access to cash within or near gambling outlets.

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Policy briefings:

May 2022

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