Poverty Alliance

Building awareness and support for the implementation of a Minimum Income Guarantee in Scotland






November 2023 – November 2025




Project Summary

The project aims to increase awareness, and support, for the Minimum Income Guarantee amongst civil society organisations and the broader general public in Scotland. It will enable more organisations to input into the development of the MIG, allowing a more consistent and strategic approach to be taken to building support for the MIG in Scotland.


Work in Scotland on developing a MIG has made solid progress: including the cross-party support in 2021 Scottish Parliament election manifestos; the inclusion of MIG in the policy calls during Challenge Poverty Week 2023; the visibility of MIG in the 2023 Programme for Government; and the work of IPPR Scotland through the Rethinking Social Security programme. Civil society organisations are interested in the MIG, and would like to better understand and contribute to it. The Scottish general public has low awareness of the MIG.

Project Overview

Poverty Alliance will organise engagement opportunities with members on key aspects of the MIG, its development, implementation, and potential interim steps.

Poverty Alliance will also focus on creating active ‘signed up’ support for MIG proposals. Building active support for the MIG will be a key part of ensuring there is pressure on Scottish Government and others to implement recommendations, including initial steps towards delivery.

Throughout, Poverty Alliance will work with partners on the MIG Expert Group to create effective framing of a positive narrative around the MIG, including a particular focus on financial security.