Families Outside

Reducing financial hardship for families of prisoners.






August 2021 – December 2022

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Project summary

Research, policy work and resources to mitigate the financial impacts for prisoners families in Scotland.


There are more than 8,000 families left behind every year when a family member goes to prison. The financial impact of imprisonment on those families can be severe.

Those supported by Families Outside have often struggled financially prior to the imprisonment. When a family member goes to prison, financial challenges can escalate with the loss of a wage-earner, changes in housing, and reduced availability of childcare. Research elsewhere suggests that the pandemic has increased this impact, with families losing employment or under increased pressure at work due to the need to look after children at home, mitigated somewhat by short-term measures such as eviction bans and increased Universal Credit.

Project overview

Families Outside will conduct research, produce resources including online and face-to-face information sessions, and make policy recommendations to mitigate the financial impact for families when someone goes to prison.