Coventry University, Centre for Business in Society (CBiS)

Young people and money management.






January 2022 – April 2023

Grant Awarded



Project summary

Research to explore young people’s (aged 18-24) lived experience of borrowing, their use of credit and perceptions of their current (and future) financial vulnerability.


Young people are at the start of a journey to financial independence with limited experience, no credit history and variable financial capability. The decisions young people make can have significant implications for their future financial lives. For example, concerning credit use, if young people become overindebted early in their financial life, this may affect their ability to access affordable financial products, open up the possibilities of getting caught in a debt spiral and hamper their ability to build a secure financial future.

Project overview

Research will gain an understanding young people’s lived experience of borrowing and use of credit (why they borrow and what motivates their borrowing) and their perception of their financial vulnerability (e.g. level of savings, income, mental health). These areas have been identified as key research gaps.