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Food insecurity – homeless young people’s experiences.






August 2021 – July 2022

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Project summary

Research into homeless young people’s experiences of food insecurity and development of evidence-based policy solutions.


The UK is facing increasing food insecurity, with a reported 4.7 million adults and 2.3 million children affected according to the Food Foundation. The Food Standards Agency found 16% of people skipping meals for financial reasons, and 1 in 4 young people (aged under 25) experiencing food insecurity.

Homeless young people are at high risk of food insecurity, due to factors including their age, low income, unemployment and lack of support networks.

Project overview

Centrepoint will undertake in-depth research, including surveys, interviews, opinion polling, focus groups and use of food diaries, to explore food insecurity among homeless young people (aged 16-25). This will be used to develop an evidence base on food insecurity, produce policy solutions and campaign for change.


Homeless young people's experiences of food insecurity - April 2022